Spring is springing

Everything is growing well. The aphids have arrived, time to spray, introduce prey species or crush them. Particularly pleasing on a summer evening with the swallows flying and the blackbirds singing.

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Horticulture, Gardening & Design

I am a gardener and trained horticulturalist. Please call me on 01684-561495 or email me at for an appointment for me to come and see you.

Gardening in Malvern

Although I garden in Malvern I cover approximately, 20 miles radius of Malvern including Ledbury, Suckley, Cradley, Leigh Sinton, and Alfrick although I do service a few gardens further afield.


What I am doing at the moment -------

The wonders of gravel.

Gardening in Malvern

What I am thinking about at the moment -------

2015 Well Dressing

The theme for 2015 River of Life

The Greek Urn was the inspration.

As it looks most of the year without decoration.

The well as it looked for the 2015 theme of River of Life

Sadly this was the last well dressing with Lionel Shorestone as well dressing co-ordinator.

There are also web sites at, and which give more information on other things that I get up to.